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Yunnan Baiyao
Yunnan Baiyao was created in 1902 by Mr. Qu Huanzhang, a well-known folk physician in Yunnan, and has been hailed as the “Holy Medicine for Traumatology” and “Treasure of China” for its magical curative effects over the past century.

In 1971, the company’s predecessor, Yunnan Baiyao Factory, was formally established, and Baiyao began specialized production. The company was listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 1993 and became the first A-share listed company in Yunnan Province. In 1996, the company invested and controlled three Yunnan Baiyao production enterprises in the former Yunnan Province, namely Yunnan Dali Prefecture Pharmaceutical Factory, Yunnan Wenshan Prefecture Pharmaceutical Factory and Yunnan Lijiang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., and jointly formed Yunnan Baiyao Group to produce and operate Yunnan Baiyao. The implementation of the “five unifications” laid the foundation for the implementation of the famous brand strategy. In 1997, the company was approved by the state to obtain the right to import and export. In 1999, Hongta became the second largest shareholder of Baiyao Group and realized equity diversification. In the same year, Yunnan Provincial Pharmaceutical Company and Tianzihong Pharmaceutical Factory entered Yunnan Baiyao Group by way of high-quality asset allocation. The group’s industrial chain extended from manufacturing to pharmaceutical circulation and Decoction pieces processing field. At present, the Provincial Pharmaceutical Company has been successfully reorganized into Yunnan Provincial Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., the first in Yunnan to pass the national GSP certification. Tianzihong Pharmaceutical Factory has been restructured into the original medicinal materials division of Yunnan Baiyao Group. As the only decoction processing enterprise in the province, it has successfully passed the national GMP certification in 2003.

After more than 30 years of development, the company has grown from a production enterprise with assets of less than 3 million yuan to a total asset of more than 2.2 billion yuan, with a total sales income of more than 3.2 billion yuan. The business involves chemical raw materials, chemical preparations, Chinese patent medicines, and Chinese medicinal materials. , Biological products, health food, cosmetics and beverage development, production and sales; sugar, tea, building materials, decorative materials wholesale, retail, purchasing agency sales; technology and economic technology consulting services, medical equipment (second class, medical dressings , Disposable medical and health products), daily chemical products and other fields of Yunnan Province’s strongest and best brand large-scale pharmaceutical enterprise group. The company’s products are mainly Yunnan Baiyao series and Tianqi series, with a total of more than 70 products in ten formulations, which are mainly sold in China, Hong Kong, Macao, Southeast Asia and other regions, and have entered the markets of Japan, Europe and the United States and other countries and regions. The trademark “Yunnan Baiyao” was appraised as a well-known trademark in China by the Trademark Office of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce in February 2002.


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